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Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech - Black Ribbon My prayers are with the Virginia Tech community and their families. My heart goes out to the all the families affected, in particular those of the two Latinos that died: Daniel Perez from Peru and Juan Ortiz from Puerto Rico.

More information [in Spanish] from the “El Nuevo Dia” newspaper about Juan Ortiz.

According to “El Nuevo Dia”, another Puerto Rican student Bianca Guach was hurt in the shooting.

UPDATE (5/17/07): I could not find another news outlet that corroborated the “El Nuevo Dia” (ENDI) story on Bianca Guach. All articles that mentioned this name referred to ENDI’s report. The name did not appear on VT’s student newspaper, “Collegiate Times”, list of confirmed injured. Nor did the name appear in the results of a People Search on the website . Students do have the right to remove their names from the school’s directory. Still, because of a lack of additional evidence, I suspect that the call ENDI received reporting a second Puerto Rican student hurt in the VT shootings was bogus. If anyone finds evidence to the contrary, feel free to e-mail me.

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