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Webliography: PBL Resources

Among the most difficult aspects of getting started in problem-based learning (PBL) is figuring out what problems to use. These are some websites that provide sample problems for PBL:

PBL Clearinghouse – University of Delaware – Problems for English, Education and various Science courses.
Problem Samples from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore
PBL problems developed by University of California (Irvine) faculty
P.K. Rangachari – A Personal Casebook – Problems for biomedical science and liberal arts courses.

Case studies can be modified to use in PBL:

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science Case Collection
The Engineering Case Library – Over 200 cases in multiple engineering disciplines.

The University of Delware also has video vignettes of common PBL group dynamics and how to bring out the best of those groups:

PBL Groups In Action Video Vignettes

Other sample problems are included in academic papers on PBL but are too numerous to include here.

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