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Utopia Community College

Dean Dad daydreams about the ideal community college beyond small classes, on site child care, and good public transportation.


Excelencia In Education aims to accelerate higher education success for Latino students. Excelencia links research, policy, and practice to serve Latino students and the institutions and programs where they participate.

Of special interest is the “What Works” section that contains reports on effective education programs for Latino students from Early Childhood to Higher Education.

Student Evaluations of Professors

To counterbalance reviews on Web sites like (RMP), some institutions ponder publishing students’ evaluations of professors. Some professors express their concerns:

“One communications faculty member said there are studies that say negative comments linger longer than positive comments, and that a few bad comments could color the perception of that teacher disproportionately”

Thomas Bauman, [...]

Student Loans vs. SAHMs

Educated women considering the option to become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) have one more thing to worry about other than lost income and retirement savings: student loan repayment.

Tom Mortenson suggests:

Perhaps the federal government could treat the first four years of a child’s life as if the mother were still in college [...]